The No-Bullshit Gift Guide for Serious Growers

After years of cultivating our own buds and working in grow houses, we’ve invested in and tested plenty of gear. And to be honest, a lot of it was crap: bad quality, poorly designed, over-priced, or all of the above.

There are, however, some gems in our toolkit that have stood the test of time while giving us tons of bang for our buck. No commission links, no spon-con, no paid partnerships here – this is just our shortlist of the tools and products that make our lives easier in the garden.

Are you a new grower trying to figure out what the hell to buy? Read on. 

Are you trying to find a gift to give the grower in your life? Here are some things we know they’ll love (and are probably Prime eligible, too). 

Are you an experienced grower who already knows everything 
there is to know and we can’t tell you shit? Well...have you tried these $8 scissors yet?

Crescent Wiss 4-¾ Quick Clip Nippers

Although they’re advertised for sewing, these little nippers are perfect for manicuring your buds. Instead of using your whole hand to squeeze the blades together (like with traditional handle scissors), these only require a pinch from your thumb and index finger so you can trim faster and with more accuracy. The blades are extremely sharp and replaceable, so you can easily swap them out when things get sticky or dull. 

Even better? They cost less than $8, so you can buy a whole bunch and always have a pair handy.

Image: Wiss

Kare & Kind 40X Illuminated Jeweler's Loupe

We’re not saying that this can replace your USB-powered microscope – those are great for getting extreme close-ups and detailed snapshots of your buds. But, we still prefer this simple, portable loupe

It’s pocket-sized, and its large lens and high-powered LED make it perfect for spot-checking for multiple areas of your grow. It’s especially helpful during the flowering stage, when you should be diligently checking on ripening trichomes every day.

Image: Kare & Kind

Boveda 62% Bags

Curing is arguably the most important time of the grow process – and after investing all that time, effort, and money into growing and harvesting your plants, it’s also the worst place to fuck up. Curing incorrectly can result in mold or “straw-smelling” buds. And even after drying and curing, sealed cannabis stashes still need to be burped occasionally to remove moisture buildup and prevent mold. 

We use a Pulse monitor inside storage bins during the cure process to monitor the RH and burp the buds. Then, we use Boveda storage packs to avoid mold and keep the stored buds at the ideal RH: not too dry or too moist. 

62% seems to be the most popular, but 58% is great for even drier, longer-term storage.

Image: Bovida

Trim Station Trimming Tray

Trimming is a PITA, but this trim tray will make your life just a little bit better. It keeps your tools organized, minimizes setup and cleanup time, and has a removable trim bag with a grate that separates sugar trim from your trimmed nugs. 

It’s also got a phone stand, a cup holder, and fits comfortably on your lap for marathon trim sessions.

Image: Trim Station 

Loopable Gardening Labels

Don’t you just love it when you accidentally knock over a few plant labels when you’re watering your grow, and then have to identify a bunch of unlabeled plants hoping that you don’t mix up males or strains? And then realizing too late that you did actually mislabel a couple of plants which ended up being a costly mistake? 

No? Then stop using stake-style plant labels (the kind you stick into the soil) and get loopable plant tags, which attach to the actual plant and stay put throughout the growing process. Vktech Plastic Hanging Tags are nice and secure, and are large enough to include a lot of info. 

However, Sharpie writing on plastic can fade away after extended use. So, for mother plants that you keep for a very long time, we recommend Emboss-o-tag Etchable Metal Labels instead.

Image: Emboss-o-tag

Kill-A-Watt Electricity Usage Monitor

Reduce your operating costs as well as your carbon footprint. In the competitive cannabis industry, running a greener grow is a priority.

Image: Kill-A-Watt

Sea Dog Gear Hammock

Whether you are growing in a closet, tent, or room, every inch of potential canopy is precious – so storage space is often tight. These versatile gear hammocks set up easily and multiply the available storage in any given area. We love these for two reasons: 

  • The net expands and can hold a lot of gear in a small area 

  • Raising your storage to above the “water line” protects your equipment from flood damage while freeing up valuable floor space

Image: Sea Dog

Tacklife HD60 Classic Laser Measure 

While we wouldn’t necessarily call this an essential piece of equipment, this cool little gadget is definitely worth the $36 investment for build-outs. 

It takes super precise measurements and helps avoid recutting or running out of valuable construction material – which is especially crucial if you’re preparing a build-out offsite before assembling in your (secret) grow house.

Image: Tacklife

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